If you have worn contacts or glasses for much of your life, you may be very excited for your Lasik appointment. The opportunity to have clear vision without having to mess about with your contacts or glasses makes the small investment of time in the procedure well worth it. Make sure you prepare properly for the appointment so that you can help ensure a speedy and problem-free recovery.

Tip #1: Have a driver

You will not be able to drive yourself home from the Lasik appointment, and even navigating public transportation can be problematic. Make sure you have a friend or family member on hand to give you a lift home and help you navigate your way into your house. If you can't have a friend help, then arrange for a cab ride home so you will at least have personalized service.

Tip #2: Skip your morning coffee

If you normally start your day with coffee, tea, or another caffeinated drink, you will need to forgo it on the day your procedure is scheduled. This is because caffeine can lead to dry eyes. It can also cause the the blood vessels in the eyes to swell. Dry or blood shot eyes can be uncomfortable to deal with when you are recovering from the Lasik procedure.

Tip #3: Enjoy a snack

Unlike other types of surgical procedures, you are able to eat before Lasik. This is because you are put under a deep anesthesia. Skip the heavy meal, though, since you don't want to be uncomfortably full or forced to hold your bladder. Instead, opt for a light protein or fiber-rich snack that will keep you full without causing you to be bloated or sleepy.

Tip #4: Dress for success

Although the Lasik will vastly improve your vision, the results aren't immediate. In fact, you will be instructed to keep your eyes closed or covered for the first few hours following the procedure. Since this means you will be dependent on others and your sense of touch to get around, you need to dress appropriately. Close toed shoes will help you avoid stubbed toes. Also avoid overly large or flowing items, since these can cause you to get tripped up or snagged on items. Dressing in layers is a good idea, as well, since this will allow you to adjust your clothing in the procedure room so you are at a comfortable temperature.

For more help in preparing for your appointment, contact a center such as Morris Eyecare.