When it comes to shopping for high fashion eyewear, the cost of the frames and how you like their appearance aren't the only factors that you should be considering. It's also important to truly evaluate whether the glasses you're thinking about buying suits the shape, size and overall look of your face. You might have your heart set on a specific style or even a specific brand, but if that style doesn't specifically suit you, you won't be doing yourself any favors visually. It's ideal to shop in a store instead of online because you'll get a chance to try on each pair of frames. As you go through this process, keep these tips in mind. 

Buy Frames That Contrasts Your Face Shape

The theory that opposites attract holds true to matching the right pair of glasses to your face. Look at yourself in the mirror and evaluate whether you have a roundish face or a squarish face -- and then look for glasses that have the opposite shape. For example, if you have a prominent jaw that gives the lower half of your face a square appearance, you can benefit from glasses that are oval shaped instead of square. Conversely, an oval or circular face shape lends itself well to glasses that have square frames.

Consider Your Eyebrows

The appearance of your eyebrows can also influence which pair of stylish glasses are best suited for you. If you have thin eyebrows, you can think about getting glasses with thicker frames, as the frames won't compete with the eyebrows to put too much emphasis on this area of your face. If you have thick eyebrows, there's a good chance that peoples' eyes are already drawn to this part of your face. In this case, you want to find glasses frames that are thinner.

Evaluate Your Facial Hair

Although facial hair can change based on how you wish your appearance to be, it's also worthwhile to think about your favored/current type of facial hair and consider how it should contrast your stylish new glasses. If you're sporting a heavy beard, it can be ideal to opt for frames that are thicker or heavier on the top and lighter on the bottom -- a pair that doesn't actually have the frames across the bottom of the lenses can be ideal, too, because the thickness of the frames at the top will contrast the heaviness of your beard at the bottom of your face.