Are you worried about your health because you get migraines that never seem to go away? If your vision is not as clear as it should be, the migraines may stem from you having a condition called astigmatism. Find out in this article about astigmatism so you can get properly diagnosed and treated to get rid of your migraines.

How is Astigmatism Associated with Migraines?

If you have to squint your eyes in order to see clearly, it is likely the root of your migraine headaches. The migraines can be consistent if you are squinting on a daily basis. The reason you have to squint so much is that astigmatism causes the cornea in one or both of your eyes to be shaped in an irregular way. Basically, each of your corneas must be curved the right way to allow light to properly reach the retinas of your eyes. The retinas are vital for how well you are able to see things without eye strain, and they are unable to fully focus on what you are looking at if light is not coming through the corneas right.

What Can an Optometrist Do to Diagnose Astigmatism?

Getting diagnosed for astigmatism is actually a painless process that doesn't take long to complete. An optometrist will determine if one or both of the corneas in your eyes are misshaped by looking at them with a light. He or she will also look for other eye condition while shining the light, such as cataracts (a cloudy appearance). The extent of your vision problem will also be diagnosed by way of a visual acuity chart, which simply involves you reading aloud the alphabets or numbers that you see on it.

How Can Astigmatism Be Treated to Get Rid of the Migraines?

Based on the results of the tests that you took when getting diagnosed, you can start wearing eyeglasses to treat your astigmatism. The strength of your lenses will be chosen via a phoropter machine that contains multiple strengths of lenses. You will basically have to look through a variety of different lenses until a strength level is found that makes it easy for you to see. The optometrist can then give you a prescription for eyeglasses that you can take to an eyewear vendor to get fulfilled, but some optometrists offer eyeglasses directly in their own clinic. Speak to an optometrist like soon so you can get properly diagnosed for astigmatism and get rid of your migraines!