Discomfort while wearing contact lenses can be more serious than you think. Some people can suffer from visual disturbances after experiencing discomfort. Others might be reluctant to wear their lenses, which can affect their ability to navigate through the day. If you are suffering from discomfort, here are some possible reasons and solutions.

Burning Sensation

If your eyes start to burn after you place your contact lenses, remove them immediately. A burning sensation is caused by your contacts coming into contact with substances such as lotions and makeup. 

To avoid the burning sensation, it is important that you wash your hands and face before inserting the contact lenses. Ensure your hands are dry and completely free of any soap or moisturizer. Use a lint-free cloth to avoid transferring lint to your contacts. After you place the contacts, you can opt to apply lotions, makeup, and other substances. 

Eye Twitching

A common complaint for people wearing contact lenses is that their eye seems to twitch during wear. The twitching is an indication that your eyes are extremely dry. Dry eyes can result from too much consumption of caffeine and not enough water. Changing up your diet to decrease the amount of caffeine you intake and increasing the amount of water you drink can help. 

You can also talk to your doctor about taking nutritional supplements to help increase tear production. If you smoke, stopping can also help. Some prescription medications can cause dry eyes. Talk to your optometrist about prescription strength eye drops to help alleviate some of the dryness. 

If the eye twitching persists, consult with an optometrist, like those at Glacier Eye Clinic. The twitching could be a sign of an underlying eye condition, such as macular degeneration. 

Tired Feeling

One problem you might experience is a tired feeling of your eyes. As the day progresses, the feeling can grow. In some instances, the feeling is the result of your contacts needing to be cleaned or replaced. You can remove the contacts and clean them to refresh your eyes. If that does not help, consider replacing them with a new pair. In the future, it is important that you follow your doctor's directions for keeping your contacts clean. 

Consult with your optometrist to learn other ways you can overcome discomfort felt when wearing contacts. The optometrist can also help determine whether or not there is an underlying reason for your symptoms and offer treatment suggestions.