People like to go all out for costume parties and holidays like Halloween. Oftentimes, these costumes will include cosmetic contacts. However, before you purchase cosmetic contacts over the counter, you should consider a few things first. It's not always safe to take just any non-prescription contact and place it on your eye.

What Are Cosmetic Contacts?

Cosmetic contact lenses go by many names. You can purchase these lenses through mail-order or over the counter at many places. They have designs and colors that can completely transform the look of your eyes. In short, their perfect for the reasons people typically use them for.

You can use them to add different dynamics to your eyes, or simply to change your eye color. You can use them to match an outfit or complete a costume. In most cases, these contacts are good for one-time use and should go to the trash after that.

The main problem with these cosmetic contacts is that people assume they're safe to use without seeking a professional opinion. Other issues can come from where you purchase these contacts from and how you use them.

The Dangers of Cosmetic Contact Lenses

The main danger associated with cosmetic contact lenses is their unregulated nature. You usually have no idea where they come from, what they're made of, or if certified opticians created them.

That means no one has tested them, which in turn means you can find yourself with an eye infection, allergic reaction, or other eye damage. If you are unfamiliar with contacts in general, you can do some serious harm to yourself by wearing them improperly or choosing the wrong size.

Speak to a Professional First

Despite all the aforementioned dangers associated with cosmetic contact lenses, there's no reason you cannot enjoy them. You just have to make sure you go about purchasing them the right way. And the right way starts with seeing an optometrist (such as one from Eye Clinic Of Fairbanks) first.

Your optometrist can give you an eye exam and a prescription. Many people don't know that they can receive a prescription for cosmetic lenses. With your prescription, you can shop for cosmetic lenses on reputable sites or in reputable establishments.

This way, you can find lenses of the right size and quality. Instead of taking a chance, see a professional. Cosmetic contact lenses are definitely cool, and can really do a lot for a costume, but you don't have to put your eyes on the line to use them.