When you wear prescription glasses, you can't wear sunglasses with them, and this can leave you dealing with the direct sunlight on a bright day. The information below will introduce you to prescription sunglasses and the various benefits they have to offer.

Prescription sunglasses come in many styles

You may expect prescription sunglasses to look like prescription eyeglasses with a dark tint. However, they actually come in a lot of styles, with many of them looking just like non-prescription sunglasses. This allows you to wear them without anyone knowing they are prescription grade. You can also find ones that offer you a light tint all the way up to a dark tint and even with mirrored lenses.

They come in different colors

You can still find glasses with many different colors of lenses. Whether you like the way blue lenses, orange lenses, gray lenses or brown lenses look, you can choose them even when they are going to be prescription ones.

They cover all prescriptions

Just as with regular glasses, you can also get sunglasses that cover all prescription types.  Whether you need to wear a minor prescription, progressive lenses or bifocals, you can get them in sunglasses. You can even get them as simple reading glasses if that's all you need glasses for.

UV protection can be applied

Even though these glasses have prescription lenses in them, they can still offer you the same benefits of UV protection that many regular sunglasses offer. When you are out in the sun without UV protection glasses of any kind, the sun's rays can cause damage to your eyes. A few examples of the types of damage direct sunlight can cause to your eyes include pterygium, cataracts and even eye cancer.  

Glare protection

If you spend a lot of time doing activities where you have to deal with bright glares often, such as those from looking at water or snow, then you'll also be glad to know glare protection is another available option for prescription sunglasses.

There is one limitation with these glasses

There is one limitation you will have to worry about when you are going to be looking for prescription sunglasses and that is the fact that they can't be quite as curved as some models of regular sunglasses. Since the lenses are curved, prescription lenses would be distorted and this would make them difficult to see out of correctly.

You may want to consider glass lenses for sunglasses

One thing you do want to consider is having glass lenses put in your sunglasses. Since they are going to mostly be worn outside, they will be prone to getting dust and other outdoor elements blown on them. Glass lenses won't scratch the way plastic lenses do. Even plastic lenses with a scratch resistant coating will still scratch easier than glass lenses. However, glass lenses aren't a good option if you are into sports since they can break easier.

Now that you understand the options you have available to you with prescription glasses and you're aware of other considerations, you can make an educated decision on if they are the right choice for you. Contact a company like Monroe Optical, Inc. for more information.