As you age, there are many new concerns that can come about when it comes to your vision, one of which is cataracts. If you have already been told by an optometrist that you are going to have to have cataract surgery, you should know that the procedure is common and most often successful. You will likely hear several terms used by the optometrist performing the procedure before, during, and after surgery that you do not fully understand. Here are a few of those terms and the meanings you will want to know in order to have a better understanding of what is taking place.

Intraocular Lens - This is the technical term used to describe the clear replacement lens that is implanted into the eye during cataract surgery. This lens is the same size and shape as the natural ocular lens that has been affected by cataracts, but is made of plastic. Because cataracts cannot form on this material, once you have had the surgery one time, you will not see the same issue return.

Zonule - The zonules of the eye are what hold the natural and artificial lens in place. These are tiny fibers within the eye connecting the ciliary body that are found throughout the structure in the interior of the eye. Successful cataract surgery is often times reliant on whether the zonules are healthy enough to support the new lens.

Iris - The colored part of your eye is referred to as the iris. This opens and retracts to allow in or shut out light like a tiny circular curtain. The aging eye may react more slowly to changes in light levels, which can have a direct interference with your vision and cataract irritation.

Laser Intracapsular Cataract Removal - Most cataract surgeries are performed with a laser that is specifically used for ocular surgery. The laser cuts a tiny incision near the cornea of the eye, and the cataract affected lens is removed. The laser surgery, deemed laser intracapsular cataract removal or LICR, allows for faster recovery time in comparison to outdated practices, which means lower costs for patients.

If you are preparing for an upcoming cataract removal surgery, be sure to talk openly with your doctor about any terms you hear that you do not understand fully. The more you understand about this eye surgery, the more comfortable you will feel with the whole procedure.