Getting a new set of glasses made is expensive and time consuming, so naturally those who invest in designer prescription glasses want to maximize the life of their lenses. At the same time, eyeglass lenses are sensitive and delicate. This means that carelessness will quickly cause them to become scratched up and obstructed by blemishes that could eventually make it difficult to see properly. 

If you have a history of scratching up your eyeglass lenses, getting a new pair of eyeglasses is the perfect time to implement some care tips that will help keep your lenses in mint condition as long as possible. Consider the following tips:

Get a case

When you're out and about, you'll have to take your glasses off once in a while. If you have a case to set them in, they will be much less likely to become damaged. 

Having a case will not only help to protect your lenses, but it also makes it easier to keep track of your glasses if you have to take them out to put contacts in or to participate in an activity like swimming. 

Don't leave your glasses on the bathroom vanity countertop

It's easy to get into the habit of lying your glasses on the countertop as you brush your teeth or go about your daily toilette. However, this is a bad habit. In this position, your lenses could be subject to a barrage of harmful chemicals including soaps, hairspray, toothpaste, and more. 

Don't leave your glasses in the sun

Nowadays, a typical eyeglass lens is made from plastic rather than from glass. Plastic can easily become warped if it is exposed to intense heat. This means that it's important to protect your eyeglasses from the heat.

Get a cleaning kit

Keeping your lenses clean is important. However, some eyeglass wearers have a bad habit of engaging in destructive cleaning regimes. If you use abrasive soap on your lenses or you wash your lenses in very hot water, you might wear away the protective coating on your lenses that protects them from scratches.

A cleaning kit will include lens-safe cleaner and a soft cloth that will help you keep dirt and grime off of your lenses without causing scratches or wearing away the protective coating on your lenses. 

Never set your glasses lens-down

Your glasses will likely become scratched even if you only set them own on the lenses once. Always set your glasses down on the frames- ideally in your case- to prevent scratches in the lenses and to protect both your lenses and frames from becoming warped.

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