When you need new glasses, whether it is for the first time or simply a new prescription, it is important to understand the costs of new frames and why designer frames are in demand. The materials that these frames are made of will impact their usability, durability, and aesthetic appeal.

Why Plastic Frames Are Not Always by Designers 

Plastic frames are not typically the favored material by exclusive designers for a variety of reasons. Specifically, standard plastic frames lack the flexibility seen with other materials, which limits their styling choices. Although appropriate for young children, plastic frames will often lack the sophistication and decorating options associated with more expensive materials. However, acetate and polycarbonate are two common plastics found in high-quality glasses. Both of those types of plastic are more expensive than standard plastic because they are durable, but still very lightweight. 

Facts about Metal Frames And Why Designers Often Favor Them

Brightly colored frames and lenses are the big thing for 2015; metal frames can be easily colored and are being created by some of the best frame designers. Metal frames for eyeglasses are a staple with the American public and have been for many years. In recent years, new types of metal have become available and choosing one will require a basic understanding of each type. 

Aluminum is a lightweight, durable substance that is hypo-allergenic. It is resistant to damage and corrosion, but lacks an ability to weld with many other substances. That can make accessorizing aluminum frames challenging. When you are shopping for designer frames and on a budget, aluminum is the material to look for, since it provides a quality frame that can be decorated.   

Titanium is a very strong substance, and frames made solely of pure titanium are often the most expensive. Fortunately, titanium alloy frames are also available and will typically be less expensive than pure titanium. Titanium and titanium alloys are in demand from many eyewear designers because they are easy to personalize and resistant to damage.    

NiTiNOL is a newer metal material that is not recommended for children. It is a sturdy substance that is known to retain its shape, but still has its limits. With that in mind, its sturdy construction makes it a good choice for athletes or people who spend a lot of time outside. 

Since designer frames can last you years, it is important to find ones that you like by a designer that you trust. Check out South Park Optical for some designer frame options.